Best Small TIG Welder Reviews and Top Picks 2020

Nowadays, TIG welding is quite a common phenomenon at both industrial and local level. It has become the need of every household. However, to apply it properly even at local level, you also need a best small TIG welder from the market.

best small tig welders

These smallest TIG welders have been designed in such a way that you can easily fit them in the backyard of your house, garage or even in your small commercial shop. You cannot assume from its name that it is a machine having less capacity, efficiency or performance capability. Although it has been designed for local use but it has been equipped with all the advanced technology like IGBT inverter, high frequency, stable arc starting, etc.

At the time of buying, you might face the problem of selecting the best piece for you. We have resolved this confusion once and for all by compiling the list of all the best small TIG welders for sale at one place. You don’t have to worry about their quality as they have been reviewed after doing deep research, consulting professional welders and noticing customer reviews.

Keep reading this article to have a clear picture about all the mini TIG welders.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

HITBOX 200A Dual Volt 110220V
HITBOX 200A Dual Volt 110/220V

Best Budget

Forney 190 Amp
Forney 190-Amp

Best small TIG welder review list 2020

Here we have the list of all the best pieces of small TIG welders in the market. Have a look.


AMICO Tig welder

AMICO 160 Amp TIG-Torch ARC Stick DC Welder
  • Amperage: 160A
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Material: Metal & ABS

Mophron 110V welder machine

MOPHORN 140A, 110V ARC anti-Stick Electric Welder
  • Amperage: 20-140A
  • Weight: 10.47 lbs.
  • Material: Metal & ABS

Forney welding machine

Forney TIG/MIG/Stick (3 in 1)
  • Amperage: 190A
  • Weight: 51.4 lbs.
  • Material: Metal

sungoldpower welder


  • Amperage: 1200/180A
  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Material: Ceramic

hitbox small welder

HITBOX 200A Dual Volt 110/220 V High Frequency
  • Amperage: 200A
  • Weight: 215.43 lbs.
  • Material: Iron, Aluminum, Copper, ABS

1. AMICO 160 Amp TIG-Torch ARC Stick DC Welder—TIG-160DC

best small tig welder

  • Dimensions: 16.6 x 7.5 x 11.8 inches
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Color: Red
  • Style: TIG
  • Power source: AC 110/230 Dual Input Voltage
  • Material: Metal & ABS
  • Amperage capacity: 160 A
  • Manufacturer: Amico


First of all, we will discuss about the multifunctional AMICO TIG/STICK/ARC welder. It is a powerful welder which delivers flawless weld. For ease of use, there is a dual voltage input capacity in it along with many other extraordinary features. let’s discuss its features in detail to have clear idea about this welding machine.

Advanced inverter technology

The inverter welders are far more superior than conventional welders. In many things, like weight, size, efficiency, DC output and performance, you will get excellent response from these welders. The AMICO welder under discussion has also adopted this advanced technology.

Powerful welder

Power of the welder depends upon how deep and what kind of material it can weld. In this regard, this welder can weld materials like stainless steel, mild steel, alloy steel, chrome, copper and cast iron up to 3/8”. Moreover, it is a multipurpose machine and also useable for traditional electric welding.

Welding quality

Welding quality interlinks with a lot of things like cleanliness, spattering and post-weld cleanup. In this scenario, this welder is optimized enough to give you a flawless weld, full of spatter, and free of post-weld clean up.

Dual voltage input(110/230v) capability

For the ease of use, every device must be prone to dual voltage input. This welder is also manageable at two levels of voltage 110 volt and 230 volts. It means that it is worldwide useable and it can be plugged into any common power supply.


There are certain things which are necessary for the proper functioning of the welder. In this regard, this welder comes with a 13ft long TIG torch and cable, 300A/10ft electrode holder and cable, and 300A/10ft work clamp and cable. You cannot make compromise on the quality of these cables as the proper functioning of your whole welding process rely on these things.

Arc quality, voltage control and duty cycle

These things are non-negotiable. You must carefully consider these things while performing welding.  In this welder, you can get more concentrated and stable arc because the welding power source is stronger. The response will be more quick as long as the stick and work piece become short. Overall, this best small TIG welder has outperform all other models in arc quality, duty cycle and voltage control.

  • It is a welder with an advanced inverter technology.
  • A powerful welder which can meld many strong materials.
  • Welding quality is also exceptional.
  • It is prone to dual voltage input.
  • Quality accessories are available with the device.
  • You can achieve more stable and concentrated arc with this device.
  • It has a high percentage of time in duty cycle.
  • It is a lift start TIG welder.
  • Foot pedal is not included. However, you can add latterly if you like.

2. MOPHORN 140A, 110V ARC Anti-Stick Electric Welder— ARC-140

best small tig welder

  • Dimensions: 18.7 x 13.9 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.47 pounds
  • Color: blue
  • Style: ARC 140
  • Material: Metal & ABS
  • Power source: AC 110/220 Dual Input Voltage
  • Amperage capacity: 20-140A
  • Manufacturer: Mophorn


Now we have a premium quality 140A hand-held arc welder. It is lightweight, robust steel constructed welder with a lot of extraordinary features. you can enjoy advanced IGBT inverter technology along with the PWM control system. Let’s discuss its feature in detail.

Advanced IGBT inverter technology

The welder has been equipped with highly advanced IGBT module technology. Under this technology, the inverter efficiency will improve up to 85 % and the conversion rate of the device will also be higher. You can also save more power than a traditional welder. It can withstand high pressure break down and give you a quick dynamic response.

Adjustable current from 20 to 140 Amp

With the presence of knob on the device, current is also easily adjustable on this machine. You can set it according to your requirement or welding thickness. In this regard, you can set the current anywhere from 20 to 140 Amp.  For the ease of use, led screen with a display of real time current is also available on the welder.

Premium quality with a PWM system

This best small TIG welder is compact and easily portable. you can take it anywhere you want. Moreover, the operation procedure is also quite simple. Most importantly, it features a premium PWM system to give you a stable electric arc, easy controlling pool and a robust thrust.

Cooling fan for protection from over-heating, pressure and current

You have to face some issues like over-heating, over pressure, and over current if you are using a welder for an extended period. For this purpose, a very efficient heat dissipation cooling fan has been added at the back of the welder. It will also increase the life of your welding machine.

Mini size and portable

In terms of both volume and weight, it is not a big device. Thus, you can even adjust in places where you don’t have much space. For portability, a handle is available at the top of machine. It makes it more easy and convenient to use it in our daily work.

Wide applications

The welder can be used for various purposes. For instance, it is compatible with both acid and alkali electrodes. Moreover, it is applicable to weld range of materials like stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel. Many industrial processes like machinery manufacturing, shipyard, guardrail, construction fields, and sheet metal processing have deployed this welder.

Input voltage capacity 110/220

It will work smoothly at both 110 and 220-voltage. Besides its compatibility at both voltages, it also switches automatically when it is connected.

Important note

In the delivery package, there will be only one 110-volt switch. However, if you want to use it at 220-volt, then you need to buy an extra voltage change-over switch.

  • It is premium quality device with a PWM system.
  • It comes with an advanced IGBT inverter technology for more efficiency.
  • Current is adjustable from 20 to 140 Amp.
  • Display screen is also available to check the real-time current.
  • It features a cooling fan for protection from over-heating, over pressure and over current.
  • It is mini-size and adjustable at even less space.
  • It is a portable TIG welding machine with a handle at the top.
  • It has a wide range of industrial and home usage applications.
  • It is compatible with both 110 and 220-voltage.
  • It is quality product in an affordable price.
  • Only one 110-volt switch is delivered with the package.
  • Welding lead is not long enough. So, you have to keep it right next to where you are welding.

3. Forney MIG/Stick/TIG 3-in-one 190-Amp Welder—324

Forney MIGStickTIG 3-in-one 190-Amp Welder---324

  • Dimensions: 20.25 x 10.25 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 51.4 pounds
  • Color: Green
  • Style: Multi-Process Machine, 3 in 1
  • Material: Metal
  • Power source: Corded-Electric
  • Amperage capacity: 190 A
  • Manufacturer: Forney


The Forney multi-process three-in-one welder is 220/120 volts adaptable with a maximum 190 Amp output. It is a versatile device capable of MIG, TIG and Stick welding. It comes with a lot of useful things like stick electrode holder, ground clamp and cable, a gas hose, 15’ input power cable and regulator. There are also many things which it features like synergic control, a large cabinet, and an upgraded cast aluminum wire drive system. Let’s discuss these features in detail to have a clear idea of the welder.

Multi-process welder

It is capable of doing all three MIG, stick and TIG welding. Accessories for MIG and stick welding are also available. For the TIG welding, you have to purchase the system separately.

MIG welding

This machine is mainly set up to for the flux-core welding but you can also switch it towards MILD steel with the help of gas set up. At 140 Amps, it can weld steel up to 3/16” in a single pass and 3/8” in a multiple pass. Moreover, it can accept both 4 and 8 inch spools.

Stick welding

Besides MIG welding, you can also switch it towards stick welding. For stick set up, a stinger and ground clamps are also available.

TIG welding

For TIG welding, you have to purchase its set up separately. You can also take a torch and a foot pedal if you want. In addition, this welding machine is also compatible with spool gun.

Control on a weld with the flow meter

Speed matters a lot while welding. You can run this machine according to your requirement. For this purpose, a flow meter with a single stage piston is available. It regulates the supply of the gas according to our need at the end.


It is metal built rugged machine which has the capability to easily bear day to day toll. However, for long term use, you must set up this machine at 115-voltage with 15 Amps or 220-voltage with 50 Amps.


In the package, you will get the welder along with a stick and MIG set up. A flow meter and a gas hose are also included.

Wide applications

This best small TIG welder has a wide range of applications. For instance, it is ideal device for maintenance and repairing of industrial tools. Moreover, it is also good for automotive, boats and general fabrication.

  • It is welder with a wide range of application.
  • It is a Multi-process welder.
  • It is equally compatible for MIG, TIG and stick welding.
  • It is metal built rugged machine.
  • You can easily manage it with a flow meter.
  • Gas hose comes with a welder.
  • It has an easy to read guide.
  • TIG torch and foot pedal don’t come in the package and you have to purchase these things separately.
  • Some setting problems while switching it from MIG, STICK welding to TIG welding.

4. SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp TIG ARC MMA Stick Welder System—TIG200

SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp TIG ARC MMA Stick Welder System---TIG200

  • Dimensions: 13.7 x 5.51 x 10.43 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Color: orange
  • Style: TIG200 Welder
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Power source: C 110/220V Dual Voltage
  • Amperage capacity: 200/180 A
  • Manufacturer: SUNGOLDPOWER


Now we have an advanced technology TIG 200G SUNGOLD power welder. It is full of features and an ideal machine for high frequency TIG and MMA welding. In terms of its lightness and strength, it is equally reliable tool for the professionals and local users. It comes with a good duty cycle, compact design, high-frequency start, LED amperage display, and a fan cooling system. Let’s discuss its prominent features in detail.

IGBT DC inverter technology

Many old machines have been equipped with MOSFET technology. It is not much efficient as compared to an advanced IGBT technology. This welder comes with this advanced IGBT technology. It is superior to MOSFET in many aspects like peak current capabilities, switching speeds, response time, cost-effectiveness, and heat dissipation requirements. Thus, it has an edge over other welders.

Highly reasonable duty cycle

The high duty cycle means the machine is more efficient in its working. In this regard, this machine gives you a 60 % duty cycle for both the 200 AMP TIG welding and 180 Amp MMA welding. Thus, you will not regret your decision at least in terms of its efficiency.

Lightweight and compact design

You don’t have to worry about the portability of this best small TIG welder. It is a lightweight machine of just 22-pounds weight. The design is also quite compact. Most importantly, a handle is available at the top of the machine for its easy shifting from one place to another.

High-frequency start

HIGH-frequency start is the beauty of this machine. Normally, the machine at this price comes with the lift start. Lift arc starting is also not much worse but the HIGH-frequency start ensures 100 % STARTUP. Moreover, it is quite easy to work under this arc starting. It will save your time and money by improving the tungsten lifestyle.

Digital LED display

There is a big easily read LED amperage display on the machine. You can notice everything that’s going on in the machine. Most importantly, you will get to know at what amperage the machine is working.

Fan cooling system for protection

You have to deal with many problems like over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and overload while working with this welder. To keep the welding machine safe from these problems, there is a fan cooling system in the machine. It will also improve the overall life of the machine.

Versatility in application

You can apply this machine for welding various metals like stainless steel, steel, copper, brass, bronze, nickel alloys, etc. Moreover, it is also suitable for industrial applications like for the maintenance and custom fabrication jobs.

Components included in the package

You will not get bare machine in the delivery package. There are many components like TIG touch cable, TIG torch, cable joints, ground clamp and cable, electrode holder and cable, inner hexagon spanner, ceramic nozzle, needle holder included in the package.

Important note

Don’t apply this machine for welding materials like aluminum. It will be damaging both for the material and machine.

  • It is an advanced machine with an IGBT DC inverter technology.
  • It gives you a highly efficient duty cycle.
  • It is a lightweight and compact design device.
  • You can enjoy high-frequency start.
  • It is versatile in its application.
  • A digital LED display is available for easy reading.
  • It has been equipped with a fan cooling system for protection from over-voltage, over-current, etc.
  • You cannot apply this machine for welding materials like aluminum.
  • It might not be a perfect choice for commercial use but it is excellent for home use.

5. HITBOX 200A Dual Volt 110/220V High Frequency Steel Welding Machine—TIG200AJ

HITBOX 200A Dual Volt 110220V High Frequency Steel Welding Machine---TIG200AJ

  • Dimensions: 17.72 x 14.17 x 10.63 inches
  • Weight: 15.43 pounds
  • Color: orange
  • Style: UW-TIG200AJ
  • Material: Iron aluminum copper ABS
  • Power source: 220 volts
  • Amperage capacity: 200 A


Here we have another small size, economical, portable, and ready to use the machine. Basically, TIG200A HITBOX is a TIG machine, which is compatible with both TIG and MMA function. This is a 110/220v dual voltage welding machine with an IGBT inverter technology. Moreover, a high frequency and portable design have also increased the importance of this welding machine. Let’s discuss its features in detail to have a clear picture of this best small TIG welder.

IGBT inverter technology

This welding machine has been equipped with an IGBT inverter technology. It is a modern technology as compared to MOS technology. Overall, you will get excellent performance with this technology but the breakdown problem has been specially reduced. For getting some mature and stable performance, you can easily set the inverter frequency up to 100KHZ.

110/220-volt Dual voltage welding machine

It is a two-in-one combo welder. Both TIG and stick welding are equally manageable with this welding machine. For TIG welding, there is a range of 20-200A. For ARC welding, you can set it on the 20-160A range.

High frequency

For good performance, high frequency is necessary. You can get stable current, easy arc ignition, and litter spattering. Regarding TIG welding, there is a range of 0.3 to 6.0 mm in thickness. By applying the electrode diameter, you can penetrate up to 2 to 3.2 mm.

Ergonomic design

In terms of its design, it is a highly sophisticated machine. Firstly, you don’t have to bear much weight as it has just a weight of almost 15 pounds. Moreover, a handle is also available at the top for the easy portability of the device. Thus, you can enjoy multiple benefits while using this machine.

Quality accessories

There is not barely a machine in the package. You will get many quality things along with the welding machine. For instance, it also comes with an electrode holder, 110/220-volt convert plug, earth clamp, and switch for automatic movement between 110 and 220-volt.

Warranty and customer care service

HITBOX company also offers a warranty of 1-year for dealing with any issues which appear at later stage. You can feel free to contact with customer care service, if machine doesn’t work as it has been described. Repairing service is being provided all over the USA. However, if a problem doesn’t resolve then a new replacement could also be made.

  • It is a machine with high frequency settings.
  • It has adopted an advanced IGBT inverter technology.
  • You enjoy quality accessories.
  • 1-year warranty and excellent customer care service is being provided by the manufacturer.
  • It is easily manageable at dual voltage.
  • It has a good ergonomic design.
  • You cannot experiment it on aluminum metal.
  • You cannot add a foot pedal with this device.

Advantages of TIG welding

There are certain advantages of TIG welding due to which these are preferred over another welding. Let’s have a look at these rare benefits.

  • First of all, TIG welding is applicable to a variety of materials. Normally, welders don’t work very well on thin pieces of metals or metals that couldn’t bear high amperages. But the TIG welder also works very efficiently even on these materials.
  • Slagging is another big problem while doing welding. But the TIG welding is a very clean phenomenon and you don’t have to face any slag at all. So, it is quite helpful for the welder to properly concentrate on its work rather than cleaning the surface again and again.
  • TIG welding is also helpful when you have to produce some high-quality welding work like making intricate curves or designing in the base of metal.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best small TIG welder?

Here we have the list of all the best small TIG welders.

  • AMICO 160 Amp TIG-Torch ARC Stick DC Welder—TIG-160DC
  • MOPHORN 140A, 110V ARC Anti-Stick Electric Welder— ARC-140
  •   Forney MIG/Stick/TIG 3-in-one 190-Amp Welder—324
  • SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp TIG ARC MMA Stick Welder System—TIG200
  • HITBOX 200A Dual Volt 110/220V High-Frequency Steel Welding Machine—TIG200AJ

Is TIG welding better than MIG?

To weld thick material, MIG welding is faster than TIG welding. For thin material, TIG welding is a better option. However, TIG welding is also compatible with thick material but they work better for thin gauge materials.

Why are TIG welders so expensive?

TIG welders are expensive because copper wires are used in the making of these welders. There is also a supply and demand issues.


In a nutshell, all of these welding machines have been strongly recommended for various purposes. But if you don’t have to indulge in deep searching and instantly want to buy a device for you then you can take AMICO 160 Amp TIG-Torch DC Welder. It is the best value welding machine with all the properties and general features.

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